Bloodhound Land Speed Record         

We're happy to once again be involved with the latest attempt to beat the landspeed record in the new supersonic car, BLOODHOUND LSR, targeting a staggering 1,000mph on land.

The primary objective of the BLOODHOUND project is to inspire the next generation to pursue careers in science, engineering, technology and maths - by demonstrating how they can be harnessed to achieve the impossible, such as a car capable of breaking the World Land Speed Record.

The project is a massive technical challenge for Advanced Fuel Systems as we have had to engineer three separate fuel systems to handle containment and delivery for the three separate rockets - solid propellant, liquid propellant and hybrid.

BLOODHOUND LSR has been designed to run at speeds up to 1050mph. The build phase of the programme is underway and we look forward to playing our part in the 1000mph landspeed record attempt.

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