Innovative Fuel Delivery Systems

At Advanced Fuel Systems, we are unique within the industry in that we are able to offer a complete service to our customers: from the inception of a fuel safety cell through to its production and final delivery.

At our factory in Essex, we have the skills and facilities to produce components in-house giving us 100% confidence in the build quality of our products. The development process is as follows:

Design Office - Using CAD, CAM and CFD technology, we thoroughly plan and design the exact product required. We can also tailor software programmes to suit our customers, allowing integration with our own CAD system.

Production - The fuel safety cell is manufactured simultaneously with the composite material. Modern CAD/CAM programmes allow us to develop totally bespoke components, such as fuel pickup venturi. Collectors, baffles, pump-mounts and sumps are constructed from the same materials as the cell and are built as integral components. Metal parts are made on CNC mills and lathes to exact specifications.

Final Assembly - The manufactured fuel safety cell components are carefully assembled into the finished product. Once the plumbing and electrical assembly has been completed, safety foam baffling is installed.

Quality Control - Pressure testing carried out prior to certification. We are in ISO9001 certified company. 

We deliver the final product - once it has been delivered to the customer, no further modifications are required.