Pushing our Boundaries

Our first major project soon after we started business, was to be contracted to provide the fuel cells for Richard Noble's successful landspeed record attempt - Thrust SSC.

In 1997, a British team led by programme director, Richard Noble OBE embarked on a challenge to set a supersonic land speed record. Back in 1983, Noble had set a land speed record whilst driving Thrust 2 - averaging 633.468 mph over the measured mile; with ThrustSSC's driver, Andy Green, he was determined to take ThrustSSC through the sound barrier.

On 15th October 1997, ThrustSCC achieved its objective. At the Black Rock Desert, Nevada ThrustSSC set the historic supersonic speed of 763.035 mph (Mach 1.020). Advanced Fuel Systems are proud to boast of our involvement in the project - working with the team we helped build and develop a fuel containment system that could withstand the extraordinary pressures placed upon it. For more information about this incredible story, visit www.thrustssc.com.

"We could not have done it without you."
- Richard Noble OBE, October 1997.


"Thank you for the safest LSR tanks in the world!"    

- Squadron Leader Andy Green, January 1997.



Bloodhound LSR  - 1000mph Landspeed Record Attempt            


Since then, we have been pushing the boundaries of our science in a deliberate and calculated manner, to store and deliver fuel in a high performance environment for a wide variety of applications. It is this constant striving for a better system that has kept us in touch with leaders in record breaking circles and currently we are engaged with the latest 1000mph landspeed record attempt Bloodhound LSR, where we are working on containment and delivery of no less than three separate fuel systems.

We are delighted to be a part of this very special project.

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