- to the future of Fuel Safety Cell Technology


As one of the leading players in the design and manufacture of fuel safety cells,
Advanced Fuel Systems constantly push the boundaries of development for applications in the motorsport, automotive, aviation and marine sectors.

Since the company was established in 1998, the keyword for its involvement in high performance fuel containment and delivery has been innovation. This attitude has taken us from being simply producers of fuel cells to complete system design and manufacture, producing installations of superior quality – from filling through to delivery to the engine.

We work with our customers, using latest CAD technology, to achieve their precise requirements. Increasingly, we employ our unique method of reverse engineering to produce infinitely more accurate data from which we will design the optimum position and shape for the cell. This enables us to incorporate ancillaries such as collectors, baffles, pump-mounts etc in a more durable, lighter unit.

Working with full authority from the FIA (the governing body of motorsport), our products can be found on the most cutting edge motorsport projects with the accruing technology transferring into advanced defence undertakings, as well as complex airborne and marine applications.

Having proved that our products not only are more advanced in terms of design but also stand the tests of time in durability and convenience, we are clear about our determination to maintain our lead in fuel system design and manufacture. Our aim with this is to continue to provide our customers with a product they can rely on, giving them the confidence to push their own boundaries of excellence.


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