Revalidation and Repair

If your fuel safety cell is nearing its original expiry date, please contact us to discuss revalidation before sending it to us.

All our cells carry a 12 month manufacturer's warranty against defects. Fuel safety cells are valid for use for 5 years from date of manufacture, provided that they still meet FIA race requirements. After that date fuel safety cells can be returned to us for inspection and testing and if they still maintain their integrity, they can be recertified for a further period of up to 2 years or a maximum of 7 years from date of manufacture.

All fuel safety cells must be:-

1.  Fully defuelled before sending.

2.  Carefully wrapped and packaged to fully protect them in transit. Couriers can refuse to deliver them if fuel smells can be detected.

Please note that we cannot revalidate any other manufacturer's fuel cells.

In the unlikely event that your fuel cell requires repair, please contact us in the first instance for advice.

Please do not attempt any repairs or modifications to your fuel safety cell as you may invalidate it under FIA rules.